Encounters,† Histories, Dialogue and Representation

Buddhism and Islam

Numata Conference 2009

May 29 & 30, 2009

McGill University


This conference has been made possible by the generous support of the Numata Foundation. Jointly sponsored by the McGill Faculty of Religious Studies, the McGill Institute of Islamic Studies, and the Centre for Research on Religion.

Because of Buddhism and Islamís long shared history, there is an abundance of materialótextual, art historical, archaeological, and so onóavailable for exploration, and yet surprisingly, the encounters between these traditions, and the histories and dialogues that have resulted, have rarely been examined.

This conference has been called first to establish a factual baseline: How have Buddhists and Muslims lived together? What have been the results, historically, culturally, and religiously, of the encounter of Buddhism and Islam? Did the lived reality conform to each religionís prescriptions about how to treat nonbelievers? In addition, this conference asks the reflective and conceptual questions: How did each religion perceive the other? How have those encounters been recorded and remembered? And, in our contemporary context, who creates, records, and remembers what images?

A remarkable group of scholars will come together in Montreal this May to discuss these questions and more. For more information on the schedule of events or how to register, please check the links on the left, or contact Professor Lara Braitstein at buddhism-islam.relgstud@mcgill.ca.


Faculty of Religious Studies

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Institute of Islamic Studies

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